General conditions


By making a reservation, you agree to the terms and conditions described below:

All bookings are made with VILLAS DU LUBERON, a travel agency specialised in the holiday villa rental business. The reservation is only valid for the persons mentioned, the signatory assumes the obligations mentioned in the contract as well as the participants and accepts the general rental conditions.

Payment of 30% of the total rental amount at the time of booking. Payment of the balance 30 days before arrival. 


The rental period cannot be extended without the prior agreement of VILLAS DU LUBERON.The lease ceases right on the expiry date fixed above. There is no need to give notice. The tenant declares on his honour that he does not exercise and does not intend to exercise any profession in the rental, and that the premises which are the subject of the present contract are rented to him only as a temporary residence and for leisure purposes, major conditions without which the present rental would not have been granted.


The tenant undertakes to pay the balance, by credit card or bank transfer on D-30 before arrival in the property. If this deadline has passed at the time of booking, the total amount of the rental must be paid at the time of booking. The tenant has no right of withdrawal and may be condemned to pay damages if he withdraws or if he does not pay the balance within the time limit stipulated in this contract.


When paying the balance, the tenants are required to pay the tourist tax calculated on a fixed basis according to the capacity of the rented premises over the period rented. 



The deposit is paid to our partner SWIKLY to cover any damage that may be caused to the rented property and to the furniture and other items in the rented premises, as well as the various expenses of consumption. This deposit will be released within 7 to 30 days following the departure of the tenant, after deduction of the replaced objects, expenses of restoration, extra cleaning and the amount of the extra consumption. If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant undertakes to pay the balance. If the rental has a direct telephone line, the deposit will only be refunded after receiving the bills and balancing the accounts.



•  The condition of the properties corresponds to the descriptions given when the contract was signed. If the hirer wishes to make any complaints, it must be done on arrival, or within 24 hours, with a representative of the Villas du Luberon agency.

• The furniture and household goods should only be subject to the depreciation caused by the normal use for which they are intended. Any items which, at the end of the present contract, are missing or have been put out of service or out of use, for a reason other than normal wear and tear, shall be paid for or replaced by the tenant with the agreement of the owner or his representative. This clause also applies to papers, draperies and the house in general. The rental includes the provision of household linen.

•  If necessary, the following will be retained

a) The price of broken or damaged items.

b) The cost for washing or cleaning carpets, blankets, household linen, mattresses, bedding, etc., that have been stained.

•  The tenant undertakes to use the furniture and objects in the rented property for the purpose for which they are intended and in the place where they are located. It is strictly forbidden to transport them outside the rented premises. The addition of extra beds is not permitted. It is also forbidden to erect tents in the garden or to park caravans in the garden.

•  The tenant should absolutely abstain from throwing objects into the washbasins, bathtubs, bidets, sinks, toilets, etc., which could obstruct the pipes, otherwise the costs of restoring these appliances to working order will be due.

•  On pain of termination, the tenant may NEVER sublet or assign his rights under this agreement without the express consent of the owner or his agent. The tenant should live in the rented premises on a regular basis and may not, under any circumstances, store any furniture there, except for linen and small objects. The premises must not, under any circumstances, be occupied by more people than indicated on the reservation form, except with the prior agreement of the agent.

• The tenant may not bring any animal into the premises, even temporarily, except with the agreement of the owner.

•  The tenant is not allowed to organise any event such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, etc. that would exceed the number of people that can be accommodated in the house, and without the owner's agreement.

•  The tenant is required not to do anything which, by his own doing or that of his family or relations, may disturb the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood or of the other occupants.

•  The owner or the agency is not responsible for any problems that may occur with the water, electricity, WIFI, or telephone services and declines all responsibility for any disruption.

•  No refund can be requested in case of interruption of the stay. 

•  The indications relating to the localisation, the type and the setting up of the premises are the exact transcription of the information provided by the owner who certifies that the premises will be in a perfect state of installation and cleanliness for the arrival of his tenant.
The agency cannot be held responsible for any error made by the owner on this subject.  The agency cannot be held responsible for any changes to the rented premises or their environment that were not notified to the agency by the owner at the time of booking or that occur between the time of booking and the arrival of the tenant. In the present rental, the role of the agency is limited to being an intermediary between the parties, and it cannot be held responsible for the owner or the tenant.

•  In the case where the tenant renews the rental, with or without interruption, the commissions will be due to the agency during the new rental periods, in accordance with the firm's fees. 



The lessor undertakes to make the rented accommodation available to the tenant according to the description and to respect the obligations resulting from the present agreement. The lessor shall verify that the property offered for rent is in conformity with the decree of application of the law of 3 January 2003 relating to the safety of swimming pools. On 1 May 2004 the installations must be effective. If this is not the case, and with the agreement of the parties, the deposits will be refunded, as the agency cannot be responsible for the non completion of the installations. The agency cannot be held responsible for any change in the approved security system.  



No modification of the contract can be made after the signature of this one. In case of cancellation, the deposit is not refundable. The balance must be paid in accordance with the terms of the contract, 30 days before arrival.  



In case of non-payment on the due dates or non-execution of any clause of the present agreement, and after eight days without reply to a formal notice, the owner or his representative may demand the immediate cancellation of the present agreement and the tenant will have to leave the rented premises on the simple order of the court in chambers.



"The agent is expressly authorised to : enter the information included in the present deed on a computer file; in accordance with the law of 6 January 1978, the tenant has a right of access and rectification to be formulated to the agent; the modalities of implementation will be fixed by mutual agreement". 


SHIPMENT OF ITEMS FORGOTTEN DURING THE STAY Any items forgotten during the stay can be sent by post on request for a fee of 50€ + postage.


ARRIVAL OR DEPARTURE OUTSIDE OF THE SCHEDULED TIME Any arrival after 7pm will be charged 70€. All departures before 8.30 am will be charged 70€.